Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easy Tutorial - Kids Song Visual for "Whisper a Prayer"

An Easy Tutorial for making a Visual for the 

Kids Song 

"Whisper a Prayer" 

Materials Required

2 large pieces of cardstock  (I chose blue but other colours would be ok)
something to draw out a circle
split pin
picture of sun rising  (to represent morning)
picture of full sun in sky  (to represent noon)
picture of moon at night  (to represent evening)
picture or stickers of music notes
cardboard lettering or stickers for letters
  (if you do not have a heart or letters then you can draw these on instead)


1.  Cut out two circles of diameter approximately 11 inches / 28 cms from your card.

2,  Mark the centre points and make a small hole in each one with the point of your scissors or compass.

3.  Cut out a sector from one of the cards but do not go right into the centre hole stop at least half a cm from it.

4.  Stick your pictures representing the three times of the day around the outer part of the full circle making sure to work out distances between them so that only one picture will be seen through the open sector at any one time.

5.  Now it is time to stick on your letters or write them on making sure that you place them in a straight line to form the words and do not actually stick until you are happy with your placement.
Do not worry if some of the glue seeps out because if you use clear glue the kids will not notice.

6.  Now place and stick on your heat or draw it in red.
     My wooden red heart already shows a bit of wear but that is not noticeable from a distance.

7.  Time for placing and sticking on your music notes or drawing them.
     The contrast of the colours of the letters, notes and heart on the blue background make these things stand out well.

8.  Your front circle should look something similar to this now and hopefully you do not have 2 holes in the centre instead of one like I did.  I simply was too impatient to measure properly but when the split pin is in place that won't even be noticed.

9.  Place the front circle on top of the back circle (with the pictures all facing forward and push through the split pin from front to back. Then open the prongs and secure the two cards together but not too tightly as you want the circles to be able to move freely but also not too loosely so that the back will swing round by itself.

10.  As you turn the back circle the morning picture will disappear and then the noon picture will show in the open sector.

11.  As you continue to turn the back circle the noon picture will disappear and the evening picture will appear.

12.  Now all you have to do is find somewhere to store your Song Visual while not in use to ensure that it will last you many years.  I actually had a large square clear plastic folder that some other product had come in and because it also had a little pocket in the front I slipped in a piece of card with the Key of the song written on it. (This is handy when I want my husband to play the guitar for the song and I can easily tell him what Key and he can accompany the children as they sing.


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